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A customized digital marketing solution, at one low monthly price.

Learn about the powerful features of Local Magic? below:


I’m sick of signing up for a la carte local SEO services. What does Mr. Marketing include with Local Magic??

Taking a “piecemeal approach” to your businesses’ digital marketing can be a headache. Making sure you connect the dots between your website’s SEO, your Google AdWords, online reviews, social media, and more is not only hard to do; it takes years of training and time to do the right way. When you factor in the price of hiring someone to manage your local SEO services, business owners often find that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.
That’s why we created Local Magic? – an all-inclusive digital marketing package that we manage, so you can focus on running your day-to-day operations.
When you sign up for Local Magic?, we handle it all, from your website’s onsite content, which we optimize for search engines, to comprehensive link building, and everything in between. It may sound too good to be true, but there are no tricks involved with Local Magic. If other digital marketing services are regular-grade gas, Mr. Marketing’s Local Magic is the high-grade goodness that throttles up your website and delivers leads to your desktop like you never thought possible.

I’m out of the loop when it comes to local SEO for contractors. I see the value in Local Magic? but need to educate myself on how your processes work. Can you help?

We work with business owners just like yourself all the time: Highly successful entrepreneurs that have spent years building their business but may be a little bit “out of the know” when it comes to effective digital marketing. That’s why we have included monthly business coaching as part of the Local Magic? package, so you can understand how we’re growing your presence online. There is no extra charge for this rare service. Other agencies might not want to show you how the sausage is made, but we believe it’s important for you to understand how we will be growing your business, giving you the chance to play a direct role in your company’s growth.

I have heard that Programmatic Advertising is a very useful tool for digital marketing. Does Local Magic? include this type of service?

Yes, we do! Many marketing professionals consider Programmatic Marketing the future of digital advertising. The fact is, the future is now. According to a recent study, “In 2020, 69% of all digital media* will trade programmatically amounting to $US122 billion.”
If you’re interested in Programmatic Marketing, you can rest easy knowing that we include Programmatic Ad Management as part of Local Magic?. From geofencing to geotargeting, we will work with you to develop an effective Programmatic Marketing strategy for your business.


I have tried using Google Ads for my franchise before but have not had great results. I’m open to trying again but need assistance. Does Local Magic? include help with Google Ads?

As part of our Local Magic? solution, Mr. Marketing will manage Google Ads for your business and put together an Ads campaign to ensure you’re getting the best local SEO for franchisees available. By itself, Google Ads can have mixed results in terms of driving new customers to your business. When you combine Google Ads with Mr. Marketing’s website optimization, Google My Business optimization, Programmatic Advertising, Online Review Management, and the other features included in Local Magic?, you will begin to see how Google Ads can play an important role in improving your businesses’ rankings on Google.

Will you give me a quick rundown of all the local SEO services included with Local Magic??

You won’t find a package with a price point like this from any other local SEO company!
Benefits of Mr. Marketing’s Local Magic? include:

  • Website Optimization
  • Comprehensive Link Building
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Programmatic Ad Management
  • Ad Creation
  • Google Ads Management
  • Website Hosting & Updates
  • Website Security
  • Monthly Digital Business Coaching
  • Advertising Landing Page Development
  • Mr. Marketing’s Review Manager
  • Google My Business Optimization

Want to learn more? Let’s talk! During our conversation, we’ll give you an easy-to-understand explanation of how Local Magic? works and how this innovative solution can take your business to a brand-new level of success, no matter your industry.

I hired a 3rd party copywriting service to write my website content. I am not happy with the results. Does Local Magic? include content rewrites?

Your website is often the first place a prospective customer will go to find out more information about your business. When they do, you need to have landing page content that accurately represents your brand and shines a light on what you do best. Perhaps more importantly, you need grammatically correct, original content written with SEO in mind. Unlike “content mills” that employ non-native English speakers, we provide you with college-educated, professional writers with years of SEO writing experience. When you sign up for Local Magic?, you gain access to our Advertising Landing Page Development services. If your landing page content needs an overhaul, you’re only a few clicks away from starting something special.

I need a more efficient way to manage my businesses’ reviews. Does Local Magic? include these types of services?

As part of your customized local SEO services, you will gain access to Mr. Marketing’s Review Manager – the world’s first comprehensive reputation management app. Review Manager makes managing your reviews seem like a breath of fresh air. With this app, you have the power to publish positive reviews to your website, send review requests via SMS and Email, and even track review requests that are still pending. You can even customize the app’s interface! No other local SEO company will offer you such an effective reputation management app as part of an all-inclusive digital marketing solution.